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Gift a box of 100% naturally leavened, 10" ICE COLD pizzas!

The 4-Stack or 8-Stack will be delivered to the recipient within 48 hours of your order.

Choose from these chef-curated stacks:

The Meatatarian
Go full carnivore with Loving Cup & Sweet Heat

The General
Keep it classic with Mila Margherita, Loving Cup, Sweet Heat & The Cheese Wizard

The Veg-Out *Vegetarian
Get cozy with 2x Mila Margherita, Domino Effect & The Cheese Wizard

Garden Party *100% plant based
Have a ball with Magic Gathering & Green Margherita

Are they vegetarian? Baconarian? Save the strife, and send them a “Choose a Stack”.

Note: We offer free delivery for all GA gift boxes. We deliver to all ‘M’ and ‘L’ postal codes.

Delivered flash-frozen in a 100% recyclable box

How it works

  • Select your gift stack

  • Pick recipient and card send date

  • Recipient exchanges card for pizzas

  • Celebrate your success. Pizza always pleases.

Build your own stack

Feel like giving yourself a gift? Don't hesitate, and start an order now.